Commonly Asked Questions for German Auto Sport

Commonly Asked Questions For German Auto Sport:

At German Auto Sport in Berkeley, we are here to answer all of our customer’s questions. Our clientele are a discriminating lot, who work very hard and deserve excellent auto repair service. Here are a few questions we are asked on a regular basis:

How often should I change my oil?

Oil should be changed every 5000 miles or sooner based on driving conditions.  Oil is the liquid squeegee that cleans the engine. Oil needs to be changed frequently. Rubber and oil are the same thing in different molecular state. If oil is not changed regularly, it becomes acidic. The oil will attack the rubber once it’s acidic, which shrinks and deteriorates the rubber.  If you are a commuter who takes BART, for example, you’ll be driving your car frequently for short periods of time. For example, if you live 10 minutes from BART, by the time you get to BART, the moisture will not have burnt off. If you continue to do this and the oil doesn’t ever reach its operating temperature, you may want to change your oil every 3000 miles.

What is the difference between valve cover gasket versus cover replacement?

This is a question we get frequently at German Auto Sport--and for good reason, due to the difference in cost being so dramatic. For example, BMW L-6 engines have a valve cover that’s about $900. The labor is between $600 to $1500, depending on the model. A shop down the road will try to beat this price, it is true. However, the product is made out of plastic that warps. In this case, if you replace the gasket alone, you’ll develop a leak in 3-6 months. The leak shouldn’t be happening for 4-5 years if you do it properly by replacing the cover, too.

Cooling System Changes: Things You Need To Know

Car technology evolves all the time, and it is difficult for motorists to keep up. In the last 5 years, we’ve seen huge changes in cooling systems. The newer vehicles have electric water pumps that don’t have a pulley spinning a water pump. This means you cannot put off a water pump leak, unlike with older cars. The coolant is used as a lubricant that keeps the pump from overheating.  If the coolant level gets low, the water pump could fail more quickly. The cost of repair has skyrocketed for most people due to this newer, more fragile technology. If you put water through a cooling system, it’s more abrasive than coolant.

That’s all for this month, folks. Don’t forget to schedule your appointment for these, or any other auto repair services! Our auto mechanics are eager to take great care of you and your German automobile. German Auto Sport is conveniently located at 2396 San Pablo in Berkeley.


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