Commonly Asked Questions for German Auto Sport

Commonly Asked Questions For German Auto Sport: At German Auto Sport in Berkeley, we are here to answer all of our customer’s questions. Our clientele are a discriminating lot, who work very hard and deserve excellent auto repair service. Here are a few questions we are asked on a regular basis: How often should I change my oil? Oil should be changed every 5000 miles or sooner based on driving conditions.  Oil is the liquid squeegee that cleans the engine. Oil needs to be changed frequently. Rubber and oil are the same thing in different molecular state. If oil is not changed regularly, it becomes acidic. The oil will attack the rubber once it’s acidic, which shrinks and deteriorates the rubber.  If you are a commuter who takes BART, for example, you’ll be driving your car frequently for short periods of time. For example, if you live 10 minutes from BART, by the time you get to BART, the moisture will not have burnt off. If you continue to do this and th ... read more


Common Questions

Why the German Auto Sport Team Loves Racing LeMons

Do you ever wonder what the guys at German Auto Sport do for fun? Well wonder no more! Their love of a good challenge and their passion for the unique in the auto industry goes deep. They definitely like to have fun and they’re not afraid to get down and dirty. Who else around here likes to mess with a V-12 engine? What? No one? Crazy, you say? Well, yes… maybe a little. Chris, owner of German Auto Sport, has been racing in the LeMons for years and his shop is the only one that races a BMW-8 series. Pretty cool. Check out this awesome article about V-12 engines in the LeMons racing world… make sure you read to the end and you’ll get a nice little glimpse of the German Auto Sport guys in action: Not only is this crazy fun, but it also gives them a ... read more

Best Local SF Bay Area Windy Roads to Drive Your BMW or MINI

One thing our customers are always asking us is where are the best windy roads to drive their BMWs, Minis and Porsches. And here are a few of our favorites. Believe it or not, we’re not always working on your cars--we also like to take our BMWs, Minis and Porsches out for a spin whenever we can. Highway 17 is a favorite windy road, especially the part between Los Gatos and Santa Cruz. We highly recommend you consult Google maps before leaving, though, because Highway 17 can get crowded on the weekends and sitting in traffic certainly isn’t fun. There are a couple of great places to stop along the way. One is the Cats Restaurant in Los Gatos (which means “the cats,” by the way), and the Summit, where there’s a cafe with a fantastic view. Seeing all the green trees immediately takes you away from the concrete jungle of the Bay Area. Highway 92 is another fantastic drive. When you hit the top of 92 and you see all the way to Half Moon Bay, it makes you real ... read more



How To Be A Responsible, Green Car Owner in CA

At German Auto Sport in Berkeley, we are conscientious of the size of the carbon footprint we are leaving on Mother Earth. That’s why, at our auto repair shop, our auto mechanics and the rest of the team take steps to not only operate as a green, environmentally-conscious facility, but to help our customers drive a little greener. With a vehicle comes great responsibility -- responsibility to make sure your vehicle receives the necessary service and repair to run safely and securely, along with the responsibility to minimize your impact on the environment. At German Auto Sport in Berkeley, we can help with both of those tasks. We will get your German vehicle running in tip-top shape, and we also have a few tips and tricks on how to become a responsible, green car owner in Berkeley and beyond: Monitor the tire pressure for more efficient driving. Typically, most cars have a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) to evaluate the pressure and inform you when it is too low. If you ... read more

Our Favorite BMW Art Cars

Our Favorite BMW Art Cars

The team of auto mechanics at German Auto Sport in Berkeley is passionate about auto repair. In fact, our waiting room boasts 6 different BMW art cars: Our enthusiasm for BMW vehicles, along with other German cars, has not wavered since we opened our doors. We continue to stay on the cutting-edge of this ever-changing industry, and the art decorating our walls is just one example of how dedicated we are to immersing ourselves into the world of German auto sport. At German Auto Sport, we take the relationships we form with Berkeley drivers seriously. Nowadays, it seems as if the time for courteous, personalized service is over, as we are faced with self-checkout lines at the grocery and even self-driving cars. But we continue to maintain warm, friendly, and trusting relationships with our clients. Chris and Sheilagh Lingle, the owners of German Auto Sport, were fortunate to be gifted with six incredible pieces of art, each with a different BMW, from one of our clients. We think a pictur ... read more



Why German Auto Drivers Should Join Our Track Days (Speed SF and Time Attack are high-quality groups we work with at Laguna Seca -- we do 4 per year)

German Auto Sport is the trusted source for auto repair in Berkeley and beyond, as our auto mechanics’ expertise in the field of German vehicle service and repair practically goes unrivaled in the region. Our skill at servicing and repairing Porsche, MINI, and BMW makes for vehicles that are continually safe, secure, and performing at their prime. Many of our clients, including the team at German Auto Sport, test out their vehicle’s performance at local track days. At these events, you can test the limits of your German auto, without any speed limits and coinciding expensive tickets. Your German vehicle was built for luxury and performance, and at a track day, you can experience the full glory of your car. Many track day attendees are also able to improve and hone in on their driving skills, as the speedometer rises, our anxieties tend to increase. We take the pressure off of those worries so you can focus solely on the fun of the experience. Chris Lingle, the owner of Ge ... read more

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